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Unique Selling Point

VizMan Employee Dashboard

Flawless Database Management

Visitor Management System is a secure and user friendly database manager that records, filters, tracks the visitors to your organization.

Smooth, Simple and Safe

It digitizes the process right from the main gate to reception; meeting arena to gate pass. It also assists you to see relevant visitors’ information on the system before the meeting.

Instant Notifications

On receiving the instant notification, the logged in employee can schedule, postpone or cancel the meeting request right away.

Multiple Roles and Synchronization

Vizman manages a sleek end to end flow of the visit that makes your workplace look smart and effortless.

How it's Works

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  • Receptionist Login Receptionist Login
  • Security Login Security Login
  • Self Check In/Out Self Check In/Out
  • Capture Photo Capture Photo
  • Capture IDs Capture IDs
  • OTP Verification OTP Verification
  • Meeting Calendar Meeting Calendar
  • Accept/Reject Management Accept/Reject Mngmt
  • Reschedule Meeting Reschedule Meeting
  • Employee Import Employee Import
  • Visitor Import Visitor Import
  • Invite Visitor Invite Visitor
  • VIP Visitor VIP Visitor
  • Multibadge Templates Multibadge Templates
  • Badge Printing Badge Printing
  • Visitor Pass Visitor Pass
  • Gate Pass Gate Pass
  • mail/SMS Notification Email/SMS Notification
  • Visitor Analytics Visitor Analytics
  • Real Time View Real Time View

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that works for you.

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999 /month
  • 300 Invitees
  • 100 Employee
  • SMS
  • E-mails
  • Chat Support


1499 /month
  • 500 Invitees
  • 200 Employees
  • SMS
  • E-mails
  • Chat Support


1999 /month
  • 900 Invitees
  • 500 Employees
  • SMS
  • E-mails
  • Chat Support


9999 /year
  • 300 Invitees /month
  • 20 No. of Employees
  • Tickets


14999 /year
  • 500 Invitees /month
  • 50 No. of Employees
  • Tickets
  • Emails
  • Chat (9 AM To 9 PM)


19999 /year
  • 900 Invitees /month
  • 100 No. of Employees
  • Tickets
  • Emails
  • Chat (24*7)